• From cities as far as Mumbai, Berlin, Ontario, Rotterdam and Limassol, A to Zine brings together over one hundred zines submitted via our recent open call.

    12.01.2023 - 01.02.2023
  • The zine format has been used extensively in our LGBTQIA+ community to pass on information, either written or visual, in...
    Swallow it Whole by Black Fly Zine & Prepster

    The zine format has been used extensively in our LGBTQIA+ community to pass on information, either written or visual, in an informal, accessible, free and unofficial way. It is a cultural form that rejects the mainstream in favour of the personal, the political and the playful.


    The DIY publications included in A to Zine offer visitors an opportunity to delve into the latest expressions of queer culture on topics as varied as: how to look after your mental health online; recover from your first break-up; understand the sociology of bad sex or bake bread with very unusual ingredients. 


    Visitors can flick through joyful celebrations of body hair, explore the colours of mushrooms, or chart the dysfunctions of the gender clinic. The zines explore the limits of form and format, ranging from pocket sized, folding concertina, to pamphlet and hefty booklet.


    With the cost of living impacting so many of us, we invite you to join us throughout the day, be warm and enjoy a cuppa tea. Beyond our scheduled workshops, materials and tools will be available in the gallery to create your own zine to take home or add to the growing archive.

  • Amongst the collective zine makers to also take-up residence in the gallery space will be Camp Books, Black Fly Zine, Queer Street Press, ROOT-ed, Black Hair Stories, Page Masters, Strange Perfume, Grrrl Zine. They will lead a series of workshops where you are invited to create your own zine in a warm space well equipped with mags and materials to flick through and snip.

  • Thank you to all our contributors:

  • Against the Run of Play / Alana Gaglio / Alex Muto / Alex Thomas / Alia Zapparova / Amuna Wagner / Ariel Collier / Avila Rubiales / Ayshe-Mira Yashin / Barney Pau / Ben Hart / Bob Chicalors / Brontez Purnell / Brooke Palmieri / Bug Sheperd-Barron / Camila Machado / Catherine Casle Chandler / Chierol Lai / Christina Matz / Clayton Heeley / Davide Meneghello / Dolly Sen / Eli Delbaere / Ella Frost / Ellora Prior / Eray Yilmaz / Eva Megias / Fauziya Johnson / Fox / Gabriel Liu / Gaby Sahhar / George Grace Gibson / Helen Savage and Nicky Harris / Helen Splander / Holly / Holly Blue Lell / Holly Parkinson / Ian Giles / Jessica Noble / Jordan Taylor / Kelly Liang / Kilian Becker, The Phantomat / Korantema Anyimadu / Koshy Brahmatmaj / Krishna Balakrishnan / Kurtis Lincoln / Laura-Marie River Victor Peace / Leena Zhané / Loizos Olympios / Lu / Lu Williams / Lulu Williams / Lydia Rose & Allies art club / Marlies van Hak / Miggy and Rob / Mirrored Fatality / MNamug & Nuria Castro / Mx Afon / Naz Toorabally / Nicky Chue / Odette / Phyllida Jacobs / Qiuyan Chen / Ray Young / Richard Malone / Ripley Renner Fletcher / Ruairí Valentine / Sai / Sam Gerard Avila Rubiales / Satanis Bolete / Sean Burns / Shann Wahl / Shelly Grotto / Shevek Imogen Fodor / Sina Leasuasu / Stellan Tobias / Tam Hart / The Fat Zine / Thelionsmouth / Tigger and SHAG Stonehenge Heritage Action Group / Vanessa Zappi / Yilin Wong / Zu