• THEN & THERE, An embodied exploration of space and time


    An embodied exploration of space and time
    “WE MUST VACATE the here and now for a then and there.
    We need to engage in a collective temporal distortion.
    We need to step out of the rigid conceptualization that is a straight present.” 
    - José Esteban Muñoz



    Continuing our experimentation into how we use our spaces, we will be converting our gallery into a rehearsal and performance space from April to July 2024.

    Throughout the season we will be exploring how we can queer concepts of time, how our pasts can help inform our futures, and how collectivised somatic practices can help us to do so.


    This exploration includes:

    • Tracing movement to unearth deep recesses of the unconscious with Rudzani Moleya

    • Prioritising play, spontaneity and curiosity to discover new ways of moving with Oluwaseun Samuel Olayiwola

    • How creativity and research might operate if there was time to be care-filled, not careful through craftivist crip-time with Lady Kitt 

    • How yoga practices might help us move feelings of shame with Gemma Lucas 

    • Open ended exercises and invitations to generate personal and collective enquiries into the political dimensions of identity with Jose Funnell


    During our initial research in 2019, performance artists stressed that the lack of rehearsal space in the capital was a major barrier for their practice, with those available being considered unaffordable. Some mentioned that even when commissioned or booked to perform, space to rehearse or warm up wasn’t guaranteed. Similar findings were included in the Greater London Authority's 2019 Cultural Infrastructure Strategy.  


    All participating artists have also been invited to use the rehearsal space to play, develop new work and rest. Collectively we will reflect on their needs as performance artists to imagine what a dedicated queer studio would look like in the future.